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Parker named osteopathic college CEO, says project moving ‘quickly


Welcome D.O.'s! 

The Arkansas Osteopathic Medical Association (AOMA) is the state's only professional association organized specifically to promote the causes, purposes, and goals of the osteopathic profession while supporting and protecting the interests of osteopathic physicians and patients in Arkansas. 

 Founded in 1980, the AOMA is an affiliate of the American Osteopathic Association, and the AOMA is a true voluntary professional association.  The AOMA is the ONLY osteopathic entity in Arkansas that represents all osteopathic physicians without regard to location, school, or professional specialty.  If you have any questions regarding what the AOMA can do for you, please don't hesitate to contact us.  

Even if you may not be a physician, we understand that nothing is more important than the health of you and your family.  The AOMA is dedicated to providing the best possible healthcare information and options available.  Please use our website as a resource in order to make an informed healthcare decision.


Message from the President

Good afternoon, and welcome to the official website of the Arkansas Osteopathic Medical Association.  We at the AOMA are dedicated in providing our physicians the support they need.  The association gives them the tools necessary to administer the best quality of healthcare for the state of Arkansas.  This website is the face of the AOMA and is a means of communication for those with more questions about osteopathic medicine and our association.  

Thank you for your support, and we look forward to seeing our physicians at our CME Events throughout the year.  Registration for the 2014 Annual AOMA State Convention is under the Meetings & Education tab at the top of the page. 

Thank you again,
James Baker, D.O.















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 2014 Convention:

The 2014 Annual AOMA State Convention will be held August 6-10 at the Chateau on the Lake Spa and Convention Center in Branson, Missouri!  

If you are a PHYSICIAN, please CLICK HERE to register for the 2014 convention.

If you are an EXHIBITOR, please CLICK HERE to register for the 2014 convention.  

For any questions about the convention or about upcoming meetings, contact  

We look forward to seeing you in August!



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